Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Albert Pujols: A LIFE SENTENCE

Albert Pujols, as you all know signed the 10 year-no trade-$254 million dollar deal with the Angels. I don't know about you but im not too sure how this guy, almost 32, will be playing in 10 years. I have tried to make sense of this since the winter meetings. I mean, hes in the AL now, after a few years can he just be a DH?, that's a pricey designated hitter. I have heard rumors claiming he was not born in 1980. I also heard that he is a machine sent back from the future, 2021 to be exact, to ensure a comfortable retirement package!!! with a side mission to keep other machines from becoming self-aware.

The mighty Albert Pujols
 Needless to say, this is hard pill for STL to swallow, and nice present for the NL and the central division. However, the Cards will survive, and most likely thrive to snatch another pennant. My predictions; Pujols puts up impressive numbers, C.J. Wilson tears it up, but watch out for my boy Hedeki Matsui and wait? who is that? Houston Astros? LOL. No really, Texas and LAA games will be a blast! I just hope they don't have strict laws agains HGH and STEROIDS in LA!!! BAHAHAHA

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