Sunday, January 29, 2012

Upcoming Stories, Autographs, and meeting some Reds!

I had recently found out that one of my favorite childhood baseball players was still living not far from me. I had thought he might have, he was a Dayton Dragon hitting coach not too long ago. I decided to write him a letter and request an autograph. I don't usually like to do it this way because I love the expeirence of meeting a player, but I couldn't pass up this opportunity.

I am waiting to create the actual post because I want to inlcude a copy of the letter I had written him. It was awesome! As of right now, I wanted to post a copy of my envelope. I had put the letter in my mailbox on Wednesday, January 25th. I received a return letter with autograph on Saturday, January 28th!!!! How does that happen? I guess the USPS picked up my letter on Wednesday, had it sorted and delivered on Thursday. The 'recipient' put it back in the mail Friday, and it was delivered on Saturday!

Who could this be? How about a couple hints? He was Rookie of The Year, a 3 time All-Star, and won a World Series.

Check back later for the full story!

What's on deck? Keep an eye on Spoke Bait and the Game for coverage on todays Reds Caravan Tour at WPAFB! The tour had scheduled Tom Browning, Devin Mesoraco, Walt Jocketty, and Bob Castillini.

UPDATE 1/30/12:

Ok, I didn't want to create a new post in response to this one. I mean, it definitley deserves its own post, but I can't bury my latest posts either. So please check out our Q and A with the Cincinnati Reds and the follow up article about our autographs Baseball, Family, and F-22 Raptor.

As for this article? Well if you made a guess from the provided hints, did you guess Chris Sabo? If you did you were right! I wrote a letter to Mr. Sabo, I told him how awesome he was when I was growing up, his on-field fun, and for being Spud McKenzie. Spuds responded to my letter so fast, even on a weekend! Chris Sabo reinforced my claim that he is the coolest player from the 90's.

Chris Sabo signed this rookie card I sent to him. AWESOME! I wish I could have met him in person. Either way, this one is framed on my office wall. Chris Sabo is probably the most known player in Cincinnati for his rec specs, you can ask anyone and they know who your talking about, baseball fan or not!

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