Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ohio State University Autographs!

We had a good time at TCI Sports Fan today. It wasn't overly crowded, as we were there between 10:30-12:00. TCI had all of their single cards at 50% off, which I usually would have taken advantage of, instead we were saving our money for the donations. The card show looked pretty good, I saw a set of Cincinnati Reds Gypsy Queen for $3.00, again we were saving our money for the auto session.

Former Ohio State University and Dallas Cowboy Running Back Michael Wiley showed up along with my favorite Ohio State University Defensive End James 'Twane' Cotton.

Michael Wiley was drafted by Dallas in the 5th round of the 2000 draft pick, 144th overall. James Cotton wad drafted by Chicago in the 7th round of the same draft, 223rd overall. However, Cotton never played in the NFL. 

My daughter and I both donated our money to James' BUCK-ICON FOUNDATION. Cotton raises money for a community outreach that helps underprivileged and underserved youths learn about football fundamentals, cancer awareness, and run football camps for special needs children. The foundation also helps other former buckeyes to provide outreach programs. Very cool!

I love the idea of helping kids and sports!

Anyway, here are our autographs from James Cotton, he was a really nice guy.

   We both picked the same photo to be signed. Well, I picked mine and she just picked the same one... She shook his hand...She is maybe 25 pounds, Mr. Cotton is 6'4" 250 lbs. He was also in shoulder pads and jersey.

I ALWAYS get my autographs personalized when I meet them in person. I don't ever want to be tempted to sell them, I want it to be obvious that it was signed  for me, and it makes the autograph session better. I always like to introduce myself and my family, tell them we are big fans, and always address them as Mr/Mrs/Sir/Maam. Sports are only great becuase of the fans, we are only fans because the player is great. 

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