Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Shhh! Look here...The Elusive Larky

The title was my attempt to mimic the Crocodile Hunter's Steve Erwin...epic failure, lets move on... I spend most of my spring evenings down at Great American Ball Park, and after a particulary awesome game...I caught a glimpse...

I think this was the Reds/Braves ESPN sunday night broadcast, anyhow Barry Larkin was down at Crosley Terrace commentating the game for ESPN. After we beat the Braves, I squirmed my way up to the stage right behind a camaraman and stage support pillar and snapped a picture of the Lark with my cell phone.

I hope I don't receive a restraining order from Barry now...Sorry man, see you in Cooperstown in July! well...only if I am allowed within 100 feet of you.

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