Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The 2012 Topps Hobby Box was not all bad...

I got a few decent hits. Including this Topps Golden Greats Commemorative Coin of Tom Seaver:

I want to post some of the other cards I pulled tonight, but I am way too tired to keep scanning and posting. Check out my Ebay auctions for my current 2012 Topps for sale, including the above coin card.


  1. Question the First: How much are the hobby boxes at your card shop?

    Question the Second: Any rally squirrel cards? I can't believe the prices on ebay.

  2. @CCC: hobby boxes 64.95 and no sales tax, I have yet to see a squirrel card in real life, I saw a SSP Reyes in marlin gear at the card shop. No other SSP cards. I really want to get into another hobby box for 1.) the wrappers for redemption, 2.) all i really want is reds cards, braves cards, RC, and autographs...The rest are being flipped to fund the addiction. If i popped a coin card on day one, this could prove to be a profitable year. I want every form of Bruce relic/auto/walkoff relic auto silk in gold-away concoction they got!

  3. 6 of the 41 made are on Ebay.... I saw an Albert Pujols sell for $500. I would love this Seaver card if he was in his Reds uniform. It probably would be the greatest card I ever pulled if that was the case.