Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2012 Topps Series One Cincinnati Reds collection

I have most of the 2012 Topps Series One Cincinnati Reds cards. I am at a good stopping point as for the most part the remaining cards will be hard to find or expensive if I can't pull one. I will be in and out of town for the next few weeks, another good time to take a breather and regroup next month.

Let us get the base cards out of the way, 11 base cards, 12 if you wanna throw in Mat Latos, which I do.

Miguel Cairo, D-Train, Travis Wood, Devin Mesoraco RC, Ryan Hannigan, Scott Rolen, Mike Leake, and Jay Bruce. I pulled most of these out of my first hobby box except Rolen, he actually was hard to get a hold of. I don't think I pulled him in a hobby or Jumbo, I think he was pulled from a retail pack.

Johnny Cueto, Yonder no longer Alonso, and the defector himself, Aroldis Chapman.

Mat Latos...he is going to be clutch in the rotation...

My favorite card from Series One. Mike Leake mascot SP card. I love this card first because I like Mike Leake and I hate Gapper. I like to look at this card and think that Leake is about to rip Gappers head off and beat the living hell out of him...Too violent? NO WAY! I could not pull this card, I tried to be patient too. My card shop did not have it yet and ebay was not saturated with them enough to satisfy the demand. I held out for a few weeks and buckled one day while at a Dayton Gems hockey game, drinking 7 dollar, 24 oz Labatt Blues and splurged 13 dollars with shipping on this bum.

Aroldis Chapman Gold Futures

Johnny Bench and Jay Bruce Classic Walk-Offs

Mini inserts...that suck...I don't care for them at Mat Latos

Barry Larkin, Joey Votto, and Joe Morgan Golden Moments

Added this George Foster a few days later...

How about that Phillips/Morgan Timeless that's timeless

Devin Mesoraco and Yonder no longer Alonso gold parralels

Morgan Historical Stitches

Mike Leake Silk

Johnny Bench Commemorative Pin Card

These two were actually pulled. I was pumped to get the Scott Rolen and Barry Larkin Relics. It was a few days of shopping around before I found the two relics below, Joey Votto and Drew Stubbs.

A friend gave me this Jay Bruce Gold Rush card. I donated all of my hobby box and jumbo box wrappers to my local card shop. I wasn't going through all of Topps little games to get a pack of five cards. It was nice of him to give me this Bruce, he knows he's my favorite player and that I wouldnt have pulled this card.

I buttoned up the Golden Momentss Auto checklist after a few days..
Jay Bruce, Drew Stubbs, and Johnny Cueto.


Thanks for checking out my current 2012 Topps Reds collection.


  1. The Mike Leake silk is pretty sexy. And silky.

  2. I put together two complete series one sets and funded the Reds collection from flipping a few jumbo boxes. Actually I think I am 50 bucks ahead but to be fair I sold a few nasty 2011 Topps like my Diamond Die Cut Nolan Ryan DDC-20. From the latest batch I picked up my 2012 Topps Joey Votto and Drew Stubbs Golden Moments Relics...I'll scan them to this post later. Your Josh Hamilton relic will be sitting around for ya.