Monday, February 13, 2012

Armchair All-Stars Report to Spring Training

Spring officially starts March 20th; that's just 36 days from tomorrow morning and Opening Day kicks off a couple weeks after that! For all you armchair all-stars and company softball sluggers, it's time that we all must report to our own personal spring training.

Its time to shed our winter coats after months of watching football, eating Pigs-in-a-Blanket, and sippin' on suds. There is no way I am getting thrown out at first after rackin' one down the hot corner by the Flower Shop softball team.

Everyone has there skills and weaknesses, some need to hit the cages, some need to field a few grounders while others need a full spring training regiment (this guy). I am a solid hitter with decent command and control of the ball, I can hit a rope, and keep the defense on their toes. In softball, everyone thinks they are a ruthian and is going to hit a walk-off and take the team out for beers...not going to happen, softballs are a SOB to hit hard off slow pitches and usually teams operate with four outfielders.

Today I started my spring training, I am focusing on speed and agility this year. I want to turn singles into doubles and cut down on getting thrown out at first. I put together a pretty enjoyable but challenging workout that can be done in your living room, garage, or basement with little equipment.

I start out with some simple stretches, not going into detail, we all know how much we need to stretch.

I incorporate a lot of the Army's workouts, they are easy to do and I know them like I know Pete Rose's hit record. They are simple, and easy on the joints and body. This is not the tradional Army's CD1, it is just a few workouts taken from it. The movements you are about to see are the same you'll see in other workouts like Yoga and what not, everybody does the same stuff just sell it in a different package, check it out...

Start off with the Windmill: 5-10 sets (4 counts=1)

The Bend and Reach: 5-10 sets (4 counts=1)

The High Jumper:  5-10 sets (4 counts=1)

Take it to the ground and bust out some pushups. Depending on what you like to do, pyramid, close hand, wide, 10-20-50...whatever you're up to. 

If you get tired, it's cool, bust out the rest on your shame the Army does it.

After the pushups, take a break and drink water.

I usually change up the ab/core workouts, like sit ups, crunches, or flutter kicks. take your pick. I always do some Planks, because I have a weak baby kitten core.

Planks: 30 sec front, 30 sec right side, 30 sec fron, 30 sec left side.

Finish it all off with a little Bent Leg Body Twist: 5-10 sets 4 count movements.

I cut-out all of the leg workouts of the Army's conditioning drill because I need all my leg stamina for what is about ot come. A lot of folks do Sandbag Training these days. It is simple and fun. Im not goint to show you a bunch of sandbag excersizes, you can Youtube those on your own. I come up with some different workouts. I basically put a bunch of clothes, sheets, or stuff various things in an old duffel bag. A lot of people pack sand into ziplock baggies and duct tape them up like little bags of drugs and put them in a duffel bag. It is up to you.

These are my two bags. The bottom duffel has four large bags of sand seperated into different sections. I use this one to go on my back/around the neck on my shoulders. The above bag is a simple square bag for grip strength and is more firm to handle.


Hopefully this will get me the speed and agility I need to go 4 for 4 with a couple ribbies. Not that it will matter much, our company team is horrible and we only win a few games a season. 


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