Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jumbo Box Walk-Off Reds, Auto, and Relics

Cracked open the last of my 2012 Topps Series One purchases. It was a solid box that helped put a dent in the Reds cards I still need. Hopefully I can get rid of some of these to pick up those nasty Reds autos/relics, including that maniac Jay Bruce golden moments relic with auto. Without further ado, and yes... adieu to Series One...

This was the first relic I ran into, in the second fat nasty pack I opened. Pretty cool, but there are sweeter commemorative pins out there. The Chipper to be exact. Im glad to get Big Papi, he had a great year of course, and you don't always get to use the words Red Sox and World Series in the same sentence let alone written on the same card.

I ran into my Auto card next, a Gio Gonzalez Golden Moments. I actually really like this card, I mean Gio is far from clutch, but he has a really cool autograph, and I collect autos above all. From a man who spends hours in lines and does a few TTM, getting an easy auto is always a good time. Not worth much, but I wont be selling this sig.

BTW, if I had to pick an AL team to like, it would be the A's.

Is it just me or does he have a better cursive, capital 'G' than anyone above the age of 12?

Well well well...if it isnt the drunken Cincinnati-Ranger Josh Hamilton. A pretty bitchin' relic if you ask me. I smelled and jersey swatch and it smells like seven and sevens and some Marlboros. What better a time to pull this card. While we are talking about Josh, I don't blame him for a thing, if I accidently killed a man in front of his son, and I had a drinking past...I would fall back on the ol' booze. I really like Josh and want to see him do well, but dang has he been delt some tough cards lately.

Now for some past Reds, current Reds, and some Reds we just traded away...Bye Yonder, I'll miss you

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