Thursday, February 9, 2012

Spring is near...but you are no longer here

Today was a day that brought both great anticipation for spring as well as sadness for its arrival. Today the Cincinnati Reds loaded the equipment truck destin for Arizona and Spring Training. Like melting snow or a glimps of foliage, spring is around the corner. Spring brings warmth, sunshine, fishing, baseball, hot chicks, and boats. That is the sad part, boats... I have always heard the Mariners addage that the best day of owning a boat is the day you sell it. I doubt that is true. Tomorrow I will be meeting and arranging the pickup of my restored 1975 Webbcraft 18' Open Bow speed boat with a Ford 302 V8 engine. I love that boat, I love boating, I love drinking coors and floating around a lake...but unfortunatly the boat just sat all last year. We have been so busy with work, my wifes college, and our new kid. These things are temporary, but if you have ever owned a boat before you can agree, you just can't let them sit. Luckily it is being sold to a friend of mine from the Army, so I may see her again, and most certainly will work on it for him. Like Bob Marely said "The good times of today, are the sad thoughts of tomorrow." I know on a 100 degree mid-western summer day I will be full of regret and sadness. But hey! Baseball is almost here, did you hear? yup, the Reds loaded the truck...

Goodbye "Don't Worry She's 18", we will miss you, and hope to see you crashing waves with your boisterous tri-hull once again...

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  1. She is gone...I sat there for a few minutes, I let them get a head i wouldnt have to drive behind them...hauling my boat away...BUT! I did pickup my Reds Vs Futures tickets today for April 3rd AND got Dayton Gems Hockey tickets for tomorrows death match with Ft. Wayne at Hara Arena...GOOO GEMS!