Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Trout: Catch and release? Start Wells?

There is more action to watch in Los Angeles than just the new first baseman and starting pitcher. The Angels roster is stacked, I mean stacked! The Angels have talent pouring down from the heavens; Mark Trumbo transitioned well to 3rd base, the infield is set, and there are more than enough Angels for the outfield.

The outfield is where the roster could get interesting. As of now, outfield depth looks a little something like this: Vernon Wells in left, Peter Bourjos in center, and Tori Hunter over in right. Mike Trout, the Angels top prospect just can't find a spot in the busy outfield. Wow, breaking news right? You have probably read this story from every sports site on the web, me too... But what am I looking at here? Vernon Wells of course.

When you think about Wells he is one of the most dependable outfielders with the glove and bat. Almost half of his career he swatted an average .300 or above and never below .260....except last year. The three-time All-Star, three-time Gold Glove, and Silver Slugger recipient batted a career low .218 during the 2011 season. Vernon was part of the trade for Mike Napoli that well, we all know what happened with Napoli. If Vernon doesn't show immense improvement during spring training, look for the Trout they are about to throw back in the stream to make a start in left field. I really don't see the Angels giving up on Vernon Wells just yet, he is too good to feed to the fish and Mike Trout can swim in the minors for a bit to build more experience, don't worry, he's not going anywhere. Come Opening Day 2012, keep an eye on Wells. The 33 year old still has a lot of life left in him and plenty of years and dollars on his contract. Things could get interesting in LA...and it's not about Pujols this time.

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