Monday, April 9, 2012

Cardinals vs Reds: Tonight 7:10 ET

A history of bad blood divides these two elite clubs. These two teams have brought more bench clearing action for your view pleasure than any two rivalries. The season is young and perhaps the attitudes will not be on tonight's roster. Tony LaRussa, Albert Pujols, and Dave Duncan have all parted ways, however St. Louis still remains the World Champions we remember from last October. Unless you want to gawk over Yu Darvish this could be the game to watch tonight. Westbrook and Bailey are going to give up some long ball tonight, get ready for a slugfest of Reds and Cardinal clouters.

The Spoke Bait family just got finished dropping off it's Summer League Softball dues to the city recreation center, woofed down some Skyline cheese conies (its a Cincy thing, you wouldn't like it), picked up some beer and ready to watch this game.

compliments of the respected uploaders cavemansports and dschuster0311


  1. Remember what the Cards whinned about? I remember they said Arroyo had something in his hat that helped him throw, and they got upset that a game wasn't called for rain early enought as their gloves got too wet. There was some more I don't remember

  2. Are you kidding me? 3 home runs in the first? Wow, Homer Baily I cannot believe this guy!