Friday, April 13, 2012

Cursing my Heritage: The Thirteen Club

Have you heard of The Thirteen Club? Well, basically these clubs would get together to challenge such curses and superstitions as spilling salt, walking under a ladder, crossing a black cat, and so on. These clubs even went as far as to only have 13 attendees per meeting to challenge that one of them would die within a year. Such participants included Roosevelt, McKinley, Cleveland, and other U.S. Presidents.

In true spirit of The Thirteen Club, I decided to prepare such traditions for myself and a few packs of Heritage I picked up on the way home. I picked up 8 packs of Heritage, looking back I suppose I should have gotten 13, but I didn't think about doing this whole thing until I was home. Regardless, I put these cards through the gauntlet, lets see if there is any truth in this whole Friday the 13th bologna.

I'm doing this because I have been picking up double barrel rack packs (jumbos) and all sorts of retail packs with no luck. If this doesn't work I don't know what to do, or I could die within a year? Only time will tell.

Want to learn more about the history of Friday the 13th or fear of the number 13, check out my latest article all about it; along with some baseball facts as they relate to that date, Friday the 13th: Sports and Horror.

First, spilt salt...and no I didn't throw it over my shoulder, we are riding this bad luck omen all the way to hell!

Next, the cards and I walked under a ladder, I'm not quite sure how this is bad luck, maybe something could be dropped on you from an above roofer or something like that; maybe it isn't so much bad luck as it is a stupid idea.

Finally, breaking a mirror, OH THE HORROR! I laid these cards on a mirror and smacked it with a hammer. Check out the intense, horrific, and full of crazy curses action video below.

I am about to open these packs and video tape it, I usually don't like video taping opening packs, it feels weird, almost as if someone is looking over my shoulder. It is like peeing with the bathroom door open knowing someone else is home but you think you can get it done real quick. Ever tried that? come on, I can't be the only one..

Check back later, I'll just update this post.

Well, it's not really worth showing the video... I did get a hit, a Daniel Hudson Clubhouse Collection Relic Bat, a bat? A bat relic for a pitcher, ugh Topps...

I pulled four or five Reds cards, two of which I needed, Bronson Arroyo and Dusty Baker. I pulled a few cards that are going on Ebay such as Albert Pujols, Derek Jeter, and a few others from earlier set up as lots...and yea Daniel Hudson is up there too. Bummer...I wasted a mirror for this, I suppose the curse is true and I am probably going to be seriously injured in the next few hours, ugh oh!

Thanks for checking out this post, it was a fun ride with little pay off, but that's how card are right? Until next time.

I am also selling this whole batch of 300+ 2012 Heritage base cards and some inserts including stickers, flashbacks, and leader cards, no RC or parallels or anything cool like that. There are probably a bunch of doubles too. Anyhow it is on Ebay now if you are interested. Gypsy Queen, you're on deck.

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