Monday, April 30, 2012

Tracy Jones Rookie Year Jersey: $1,499

One major perk of living near Cincy is 700 WLW talk radio. Game coverage provided by the current HOF broadcaster Marty Brennamen, his son Thom Brennamen, and other talk show hosts like Eddie Fingers and Tracy Jones. Jones, a cocky, smart-mouth, former Reds player now financial king pin. Other notables you may have heard of is the great American himself Bill Cunningham and even ESPN sports analyst Lance Mcalister provides pregame talks. 700 WLW was also home to the one and only Joe Nuxhall. If you ever get a chance, tune in on your computer at work and give it a shot.

Back to the topic at hand, Tracy Jones rookie Reds jersey currently on Ebay; $1499 buy-it-now gets you an unwashed, authenticated Jones rookie jersey. Wow! that is all I can say, I mean Tracy Jones was quite the ball player, statistically speaking he might not look all that great, but he truly was one hell of a player, but not for this kind of money. But if you're interested, Tracy said that it would make a great item to wear when you're trying to spice up the bedroom.

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