Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday pick-me-up: Goudey, Roosevelt, Cops

Ever notice how it is the personal problems and attitudes of an individual that can make a day so difficult? A policeman serving his community can be a jerk who cuts you a ticket for a brake light bulb; and not even a main one, one of those third brake lights. It could be a nurse who initiates your IV needle to prep you for surgery, her boyfriend broke up with her last night so she could care less about ramming a needle into your arm, the lady in the highway, maybe someones sweet aunt, wife, or sister; but insists to keep you pegged in your lane compensating for her inabilities to make her husband find her attractive...I could go on and on but I think you have the idea. My day didn't involve any of the above, but my work day would have been easier if people would leave their problems at home and vice versa. It never gets to me though, I approach life from an outside looking in kind of point of view and never get caught up in the little things, like my main man Teddy Roosevelt said 'Do what you can with what you’ve got wherever you are.'

On my way home from work I had a post-it note with detailed grocery list instructions on it; ignoring the details I picked up some Double Barrel Rack Packs, or as you call them, jumbo packs. Because unlike Buddhist silly teachings of peace coming from within and to not go looking for it without, I needed me some cardboard therapy and that is just what I got.

I have a really good feeling about these dub barrels, I'll open them later and let you guys know if anything good came from them. By the way, how do you pass up discount Goudeys when you see them at the store? How?

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