Monday, April 16, 2012

Two purchases for the lost collection

There are a lot of sets I don't even buy packs from; Topps Museum Collection is one of many. I really focus on Series One, Series Two, Heritage, Opening Day, Allen & Ginter, and a few others from time to time like Gypsy Queen. I often pickup cards from sets I don't buy from like the below Museum Collection, dual relic, autographed Johnny Cueto card. I got it for about the price of a pack.

 This next card is a dual score for me. A 2009 Topps Dusty Baker autographed card. First, I don't have much 2008-2009 Topps cards due to my service in Iraq at that time; this was a double score because I could get a card I wanted/needed and it is autographed, which is my ultimate collection. I collect autographs first and fore most, and Reds cards to back them up. Again, if you have any 08-09 Topps cards to send out, I would greatly appreciate it.

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