Friday, April 20, 2012

Unique cards you should see

I have a few cards I have been wanting to include in an article; though I haven't found a good fit to use most of them. In result I came up with this all encompassing title and a chance to show a few cards that you should take a look at...

First thing first, a card you should double-triple check your 2012 Topps Heritage stack for. Mike Stanton, yea not his name anymore, #483; #483 makes it a SP but there is a SSP variation. This particular card has sold for up to 500 dollars and as low as 70.  The intentional error is the W in the R column on the back of this card. This was to duplicate a rear 1963 error. Double check your Heritage fellas, you too might have this card.

This card isn't an error or anything horribly valuable. This 2009 Topps Ticket To Stardom Lance Berkman #159 SN/99 card is pretty awesome, I am the last to like the Cardinals or their players, but you can't help but like Berkman. I don't know why, maybe it is just me, but you don't see these TTS cards much.

2009 Topps Unique Jay Bruce #5 SN/1199. True to it's name and this article; Jay Bruce is my favorite ball player. He is, in my opinion, a 6 tool player, what sixth tool jackass? Jay signs autos, meets and greets fans, and is a people person, kinda what baseball is about in a sense. Jay and this card is without a doubt deserving of being unique.

A 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen Mini Relic of the Big Papi himself. Ok, sure we all have pulled a lot of relics in our time, a lot of these mini framed relics too, what is so unique about this? Well, first Big Papi is hitting over .400 and he smacked a two run homer a few minutes ago; it was called foul but reviewed on tape and overturned, cool huh? Well, this card is unique because Topps messed it up. You know the little window they cut in the frame so you can rub, smell, um and do what you wish to the jersey? well, what happens to that plastic square scrap that is left over when they cut it out? Well, in this card it was half sealed into the frame. See the below to pictures for a closer look. I'll post it on Ebay to see if somebody wants an error card for a ridiculous price.

OK, this card isn't unique at all. It is not the black letter Madson SP, its perfect, a perfect base card. It is however the second to last Reds Heritage card I need (Matt Latos anyone??). This card was given to me from a friend at the office who knew I needed this little SOB. I decided to post it because the day he gave it to me he bought a few retail packs of Heritage at Walmart and pulled a real one autograph of who knows, I don't remember to save my life, not a major hit, but cool. Today the Reds won their 10,000 franchise Win! yea! and Ryan Madson was the biggest waste of money. Enjoy your weekend everyone!


  1. Wow... some of those Heritage master set builders are insane. It's one thing to drop $500 on a nice vintage Mantle or Mays card. But $500 on Stanton is straight up "cardfoolery".

    BTW... love the Kiana Kim photo off to the side. Rose is one lucky man... that girl is hot!

    1. Sometimes I feel sorry for Pete, then I google images Kiana Kim and I don't feel so bad...