Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cincinnati Reds honkbal-kaarten en de nederlandse kaart man

Proper Dutch? Hell if I know, but the Dutch Card Guy sent one kick-ass package of Reds cards, and here is just a fraction of what I recieved:

Needless to say it was a great batch of cards, and this wasn't even all of them. I had initiated a courtesy trade with him in which my box of cards to him sat on my shelf for almost a month, after receiving this monster trade I had to sweeten the pot and get my package in the mail and en route to the Netherlands as fast as possible! I hope you enjoy some of the stuff I sent your way. BTW the Billy Hamilton card is frickin' awesome, if you guys don't know who Billy Hamilton is, don't worry, you'll all know his name in a year or so.

Check back tonight guys, I am going to show you how to capture slugs and I have had a pre-written post ready in case the Reds win and the Cardinals lose.



  1. Good to hear they arrived safely and you like 'em !

    1. I utilized our companies in house translators who don't know dutch...How did we do?