Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday's vintage treasures

Sunday morning was spent rummaging the local flea market and estate sales. Today's treasures were purchased all for under 15 dollars and put some dents in some of my vintage team sets.

Today's 1958 Topps include the Smoky Burgess, Stan Palys, Harvey Haddix, Johnny Temple, and Don Hoak. The above Dee Fondy is just along for the ride (scan).

I picked up the below 1960 Topps Ed Bailey and Bob Purkey too; 1960 may be my favorite Topps design.

A 1964 Topps Marty Keough. 1964 is a Reds team set I am far from completing. I actually only have this below card and a 1964 Topps Pete Rose #124 ROY.

Three 1966Topps of Ted Davidson, John Tsitouris, and Art Shamsky. The Shamsky card is a filthy mess, even beyond my standards, I'll be looking for a replacement soon.

I don't think I paid over a dollar for all three cards above. A 1973 Topps Sparky Anderson, Cesar Geronimo, and Joe Hauge.

Finding affordable treasures from the 50's, 60's, and 70's could only be completed with some 80's cardboard. These two cards were picked up, the 1981 Topps Tom Seaver was an awesome find to end our day.

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