Monday, July 30, 2012

These dag on streaking Reds

Your Cincinnati Reds are sitting atop the NL mountain along with the eastern division leaders the Washington Nationals. It almost didn't work out that way, the Nats battled the Milwaukee Brewers in extra innings in what appeared to be a home run derby that was won by the Nats first baseman Micheal Morse. The Reds did much of the same in a series closer in the mountains. The Reds delivered back-to-back-to-back sweeps when delivering the final blow the the Colorado Rockies on Sunday afternoon. The Reds and Nationals are now 61-40 while on the other side of town, and in another league, the Yankees lost to Boston 3-2, dropping the AL contenders to a 60-41 record. Other than that, what else is happening with these red hot Reds? If one happened to visit ESPN this morning they would be greeted by Mat Latos and a headline story about the streaking club. features the story behind Marty Brennaman's agreement to shave his luscious locks if the Reds went 10-in-a-row.

The Reds got to 10 by pure run production yesterday at Coors Field. The Reds scored 7 runs while the Reds were bombing Rockies hurler Sanchez. Both Ryan Hanigan and Chris Heisey knocked in extra base hits with a double a piece, again Heisey then Cozart hit a triple. Drew Stubbs continued to be the Reds go-to guy with his 12th home run of the season, and Bruce nearly missing two home runs, belted his 20th on the season. Phillips, Cairo, Stubbs, and Bruce claimed an RBI for the day while Stubbs even added a stolen bag, his 21st of the year. The Reds only needed Sam Lecure to releive Mat Latos who went 8 innings giving up 2 runs on 4 hits. Latos fanned 8 Rockies. Lecure had an easy task of hurling one inning, giving up two hits and one walk.

This has been one of the greatest Monday morning's in Reds country we have had in some time. There is absolutely nothing for Reds fans to complain and bicker about, and we do, as a matter of fact we love to complain about the club and how much we want Dusty Baker's head on a platter, however this morning will not be that day. Today will be filled with side bar conversations about Marty's bald head, Votto's return, trade deadlines, and these dag-on streaking Reds.

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