Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2013 Topps Series 1 Cincinnati Reds...and a special SP card

You're all probably busy with your own box-breaking Wednesday afternoons - so I won't ramble on. Just wanted to share that I pulled all 14 Reds base cards off the checklist which is pretty exciting. I also scored a Aroldis Chapman calling card, (see below), which has some very revealing information on the back..ask me what it is if you care.
Most importantly I pulled one of those Out of Bounds short prints where a player is making a warning track or over-the-rail grab - in this case it looks more like a hopeless leap if you ask me. None the less, I pulled a short print of my favorite player, Jay Bruce.
Good luck to the rest of you on your breaks!


  1. Go Reds! Did you pull any dupes to trade? Would love to work out a deal if so.

    Along those lines, I have loads of Reds dupes thanks to gracious bloggers. What - if anything - do you do with them? Just curious. Thanks.

    (and if you're not a trader, pardon the query in advance)

    1. I pulled dup Votto and the Didi rookie card - send me a message and ill send em your way - no need to set up any trades for such a simple thing.