Tuesday, March 19, 2013

102 Million Dollar Opening Day

Ol' Charles' palms were getting awfully sweaty waiting on me to get back in town. For the last couple years we had always bought Opening Day tickets together and planned a pretty kick-ass day in Cincinnati. A whole day without work, wives, kids - unless it involved 360 feet of dirt and a sea of green grass, we didn't want to think about it - I was out of town for work for a few weeks, prior to leaving I told Charles that we'd address the ticket situation when I get back. Little did I know was that ticket prices for the epic Reds Vs Angels Opening Day was inching towards record highs, just like Charles' blood pressure impatiently waiting for me to get back and get these damn tickets. Finally back in Cincinnati and back in the office, we could get back to business and baseball - my office's dry-erase board "OPENING DAY  COUNTDOWN" had been kept well up-to-date. Before I could get settled in and open up my Outlook to over 100 emails - Charles was right on cue, "We gotta get our OD tickets NOW!" without hesitation I was forwarded multiple links to Stubhub, Ebay, 333-Seat, and even Craigslist over our inter-office communicator (granted Charles' office is right next to mine - I can hear the pounding of his keyboard milli-seconds before I receive any message). Charles was right... I couldn't believe some of the prices I was seeing.

In 2012, we saw the Reds Opening Day against the Marlins for about 80 dollars, and those were rough bleacher seats. This year was a different story - though the above ticket sold for 20 dollars, I had to pay over six times that price - and it is standing room only. Bottom line is I wasn't going to spend 300+ to sit in the bleachers, but I was willing to stand for 130 bucks this year. To rationalize this stupid amount of money, I figured up the combination of the Reds and Angels "annual" salary for their projected starting lineup/pitcher, to get you in the ball park, no pun intended, it was safely over 102 million dollars, just to get those 18 guys on the field for 162 game.  130 bucks ain't too bad...is it?

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