Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cingrani, Choo, Bruce, Oh my! tonight at 7:00

Reds host the Chicago Cubs for game two tonight at 7:00 EST. The Reds notched another win last night as Jay Bruce knocked his first long ball of 2013. Additionally, the on-base-kid Shin-soo Choo took another painful HBP, keeping that right shoulder in has earned him a the best OBP in the game along with the most HBP, oh and a few bruises.

Tonight rookie hurler Tony Cingrani makes his second MLB start against the Cubbies. His first start was nothing less than quality as he pitched 5 innings giving up only 1 earned run over eight strikeouts and three walks. If you happen to be in the eastern Carolina's and your not sure what channel to click over to? its WGN America or if you back in the good ol' Cincinnati just check out FOX SPORTS OHIO or do some sneaky business on vipbox.tv - your call fellas.

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  1. rolled into the local Hooters to catch the game with the boss - saw Corky Miller was catching Cingrani - stopped watching and ordered another PBR - and this one will probably belong to the cubbies