Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Autograph Real or Not? Need your help!

This is a TTM George W. Bush autograph. My daughter and I wrote him a letter a couple months back, I told him about my service in Iraq and my daughter scribbled a picture for him. I have a lot of reasons to think this is real and a many to think it is autopen or signed by the corrospondence secretary.

Included in the package was two Opening Day George W. Bush first pitch cards, a 8x10 photo with standard reprint auto, a letter from Carol White (director of correspondence) thanking us for our letter and wrote that the 8x10 was enclosed for my daughter, Abbie. She said unfortunately they were unable to acoommodate my specific autograph requests (the opening day cards).

Also included was a letter from Mr. Bush to me thanking me for my service. The signature at the bottom is definitly sharpie marker as it bled through the paper. However, is this autopen? What do you guys think?

Here is the back side of the letter:


Here are autopen examples I found on the internet:

My concerns are that the signature appears too perfect, and the market bled through too evenly as pressure was applied other than where the marker started and stopped...

What do you guys think? You wont hurt my feelings


  1. I would take it somewhere to get it looked at. Either way, pretty cool.

  2. @ccc- Yea I thought about it, I kinda don't want to know for sure or not, just want to see what other people think, Autopen, secretary signature, or real deal, I know it was actually written by something rather than printed...Plus, George W. is an idol in this household! BTW...you think you're going win your 2012 Topps Josh Hamilton Relic? I smelled the jersey, it smells like booze. Should I ship it before or after the wedding?

  3. I'm in the same delimna as you. I have two letters "signed" by President Bush. One is from 1999 and on Texas letterhead (but paid for by the campaign and not from the governor's office) and on from 2005 on White House stationary. I also have an autograph that I personally obtained on a magazine where he was the cover photo. The letters look like yours in that they seem to be signed by sharpie and bleed through to the back. However, although the Texas signature looks like the auto pen example at top right, put the autograph I watched him sign looks closer to the top left. The one on White House stationary I have does not look like any of the examples of auto pen, nor does it look exactly like yours. I guess that's a positive sign.

  4. @JasonShephert: If you want to email me scans of your G.W. Bush autographs with descriptions of each I can add them to this post. Hopefully we can help others in the process.

  5. Well, more research has me to believe that it is an autopen. After reading the following three links I think I figured it out..Oh well, still awesome, and when im old I will tell my great grandchildren lies about how W. came to my house and thanked me for winning the war on terror for him and doing such a good job...lol




  6. I know for a fact he personally signs all military requests if they fought in Iraq or Afghanistan.

    1. Either he signed both of ours exactly the same or I think Autopen

  7. I think it is real, not autopen because I also have a signature from him and the overlap between the sharpie and the George W. Bush print at the bottom is at a different place.