Saturday, May 11, 2013

The FACEBOOK drinking game!

THE FACEBOOK DRINKING GAME: Get ready to get sloshed... My wife is a pretty active facebooker - from relatives in other states, friends from the academy, and friends from the past. If ever I want to have a good time, kick back a few, I just play the following game while she checks her facebook.

Take a drink whenever...

  1. Someone posts their accomplishment that otherwise would go unnoticed
  2. Post a picture of their new tattoo
  3. A “way-too-close” picture of their face
  4. Someone's pet doing something silly
  5. A recent meal they had that was super-duper delicious
  6. A post to instigating an argument
  7. Pictures of cats with stupid quotes under them
  8. A post written while obviously intoxicated.
  9. Posts about how much smarter your child is
  10. Posting close-ups of food – that doesn't really look that good.