Monday, January 7, 2013

Bustin' a Disaster-Blaster

It sucks waiting on a set release - Don't you just hate it when you're jonesin' for some cards and you really don't want to waste your card money on stuff you don't want? Well I'm with ya, and luckily there are some easy fixes out there for guys and gals just like us.

We can either buy some old marked-down blasters from five seasons ago - maybe pull a good rookie card and move on with our lives or we can indulge in the ever-so-elusive repack hits. I fell for the latter - a World's Greatest Card Chase blaster. Guess what... I didn't get a 1933 Babe Ruth.

I'm actually home from work, burning a sick day - hey boss, it's OK if you're reading this, I am truly sick - my face is full of the good stuff and I'm currently pounding Mucinex like a keg of  Busch at a community college. However, I had to get out of the house for some fresh air, so off to Wal-mart was the family and I. We gathered supplies for my daughters 3rd B-day party this weekend - and to remind the wife who the real child was, I bought this overpriced box of junk baseball cards - what I like to call... a disaster-blaster.

Since there are no hits to display - relics to brag about - or autos to cherish, I'll share with you the joys I had walking down memory lane - opening pack after pack of 1989 Topps (and other joyous packs) - while keeping my brilliant kid from eating the gum. So enjoy the cards; and remember - if your jonesin', keep clear of the crack-packs and save your money - Series One is weeks away...

First, a quiz card - YEA! - Fleer always knew that kids loved education more than anything. In all honesty I am excited to get this card - I used up all my awesome Reds stickers Fleer used to peddle us - getting a Reds trivia card as an adult was pretty cool - So here are a few questions from the card - answers at the end of this post (a trick to make you stick around).

1.) What was the only year during the 1970's in which the Reds did not finish in either first or second place?

2.) True or False: The Reds have worn green uniforms on Saint Patricks Day?

3.) What is the only year since 1900 in which the Reds Opened their season on the Road?

4.) Where did the Reds play their home games before Riverfront Stadium?


A 1990 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr Collector's Choice, apparently not my choice, I mean I'm glad its a Jr. card, but a God-awful card it is. I also got a whimsical Billy Ripken card - isn't he silly...and this 1990 Score Wally Joyner, one of my favorite 1st Base players of the time.

Seven, that's right seven Reds cards - I couldn't be happier about them odds, I probably won't get that many in 2013 Series One - unfortunately none of these are Topps and surprisingly I need some 1990 Topps Reds cards. I also already have all seven of these cards - what a disaster...

Oh yes, now we are talking, are you seeing these cards? They are for realsies - a 1989 Topps AS Rookie Mark Grace, an 89' Topps Andre Dawson All-Star, 1991 Leaf Mark Grace - oh yea two Marks don't make a right - and a breath-taking 90' Fleer Super Star Special of the N.L. East rivals Howard Johnson and Ryne Sandberg. Do you remember HOJO? see J-LO, P-Diddy and Snooky didn't come up with bitchin' names like we did in the 90's - fo sho -Boom goes the dynamite! Sarcasm? mmmmaybe.

These two soon-to-be teammates need no introduction - Smoltz and Maddux - all we need is Tom and we got us a kick-ass Braves team. Not to mention that I was an avid Braves card collector throughout the 90's and 2000's - but my brother has  taken control over those cards, and won't fess up. I remember that he collected Mariner cards exclusively...bastard.

Two fine Dodgers - was this there first year there? Maybe so - what a match up - If you don't remember the 91' Dodgers you should refresh yourself - long and hard - it was probably the most exciting NL West battle in all of the NL West. The 90's Dodgers where awesome but not as awesome as the Braves.

Whats a bunch of 80's-90's cards without some Cuban love - These Jose Canseco cards are all right in my books - see below for some PED information.

Whats this you say? Canseco grew a full inch and gained ten pounds? I gained ten pounds last year too - but i didn't get a chiseled jaw seen to our right in 365 days, and grow an inch...

Wait, I previously said seven Reds cards - lets go NINE! Bronson is still a Reds starter and Harang, well he is the Dodgers Problem. This 2010 pack was kinda cool actually.

In case you wondered if Carlton Fisk was too old to be playing baseball in the 90's - shame on you, for second guessing Fisk, and shame on you for looking at him all dirty like.

Tracey Jones - My favorite afternoon radio talk host that pisses everyone off - I love this J.O.

More Fisk - have you gotten him out of your mind yet? This guy played from 71-93, talking about tough knees...that wasn't a dirty joke.

A pack with four Future Stars from Upper Deck - not sure how much Future is involved with a 2007 Gary Sheifield, Jeff Kent, David Wright, and Victor Martinez - aren't these guys Current Stars?

These are some cool cards - big cards actually - and thanks 1988 Topps for giving me dups in a pack of six total cards....ugh, I got screwed by almost three decade old cards.

More 2010 Topps - Jeters are always nice regardless if you are a Yank fan or not. Ahh the disaster-blaster at her best.

OH and for your Quiz Answers:
1.)1971 (fourth place)
4.)Crosley Field

I hope you enjoyed my crack-packs and walk through history - it only cost me 19.98 and I am already regretting it. I hope you had fun!


  1. You sure coulda gotten something better collectible wise for your twenty but I had fun reading your post so -- priceless!

    1. I regret the purchase - I had this and an old box of Topps Chrome marked down to 11.98 in my hand - I messed up. Your comment has helped the wounds a bit.