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2012 World Series Prediction

Mark Twain wrote  "New Year's Day… now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual."

One would agree it's perfect for a fresh start of old habits. With that being said, now is the ideal time to start ranting and raving about your team, making pennant predictions, and suggesting that you would make a better manager becuase you disagree with the starting rotation.

I have artfully admitted that the following information you are about to read is 100% accurate and is in no way objective. This article is the fore-most authority in baseball news... in all actuality, this is a mans very objective opinion, and his no-major league managing-experience knowledge being told as though I know what I am talking about...

The Cincinnati Reds 2012 World Series appearance, and the road to victory. What will it take? Lets go around the horn.

The starting catcher Ryan Hannigan has got one hell of an arm. Hannigan also owns a .300 batting average in 2010, and .267 in 2011. Ryan MLB debut came at the end of the 2007 season in which he earned his first hit during his very first at-bat.

Expect a lot of run support from guys like Joey Votto at first base and the young talented right fielder Jay Bruce. Votto, a two time All Star, 2010 NL MVP, and proud owner of a career batting average of .313. Votto leads the NL in doubles for 2011. He also brought in a 2011 Gold Glove Award for his efforts on the bag. Jay Bruce put up impressive 2011 numbers. Jay belted 32 home runs, 97 RBIs, 150 hits, and his first All Star appearance. Bruce finished 8th in the NL in home runs, RBIs, intentional walks, and strike outs (ouch). Jay Bruce had the best range factor in the NL as a right fielder with  2.40. Cincinnati has a rich history of fine right fielders when it comes to range factor. The Reds own 1st and 2nd place for right field range factor (Herman in 1932 and Heilmann in 1930.). As for 2012, these guys will continue to improve, and play key roles in the Reds 2012 World Series victory.

The Reds stock some of the best infielders in the league. Second baseman Brandon Phillips needs no introduction. In 2011 he won a Silver Slugger, Golden Glove, and an All Star appearance. Phillips has two prior Golden Gloves along with this 2010 All Star game appearance. With a 2011 batting average of .300, 82 RBIs, and 18 home runs. Phillips began to shine brighter as the Reds leadoff batter. Brandon's defensive abilities are the finest in the game. He is the best second baseman since Joe Morgan. At Phillip's right, you'll find a young man named Zach Cozart. Cozart's rookie year was cut short by a elbow injury. Recovered and ready to start as the 2012 Cincinnati Reds shortstop. With only 37 at bats, Cozart is hitting .324. Manning third base, the veteran Scott Rolen. Rolen has 16 seasons under his belt. 2011 was cut short with a shoulder injury. Scott recovered and had planned on a few more starts before the end of the season. He decided to play it safe and was benched. If Rolen can stay healthy in 2012, look for this veteran to bring experience and knowledge to this mostly young team. Scott Rolen owns 8 Gold Gloves, 7 All Star games, 1 Silver Slugger, and 1997 Rookie of the Year.

Chris Heisey is projected to start in left field. Yonder Alonso had secured that position until his early departure in a trade for Mat Latos from the Padres. Heisey has a big bat, and he swings it right handed. The Reds need right handed power in the lineup. Heisey is young, inexperienced, and has a lot to prove. I think it is safe to say he will do the job better than Johnny Gomes. If Heisey puts up some big numbers, he will be a massive weapon in the lineup.

Center fielder Drew Stubbs is the wild card. Drew Stubbs finished the 2011 season with 205 strike outs! He did have 40 stolen bases and 15 home runs. Drew Stubbs is one of the better center fielders in the game. I like Stubbs, but he needs to learn to be a contact hitter, put the ball in play, and get on base. Brook Jacoby has put a lot of time into this kid, if he does'nt start hitting, ship 'em! Keep an eye on this kid.

Our starting rotation is stacked since the Reds secured Latos. Guys like Cueto, Arroyo, Bailey, and Leake will be in the mix too! They are still undecided if Chapman will be in that rotation, I doubt that he will. The bullpen is looking good with names like Bray, LeCure, Ondrusek, Masset, and Judy.

If Cincinnati can reel Cordero back in as our closer, it will ease the pain of sliding a RP or someone like Chapman into a closer role.

UPDATE 1-17-11

The Reds have secured closer Ryan Madson, signed a deal with outfielder Ryan Ludwick, worked it out with RP Bill Bray, and signed Navarro. It would appear that Jocketty has things lined up for 2012. I will be at WPAFB Reds Caravan this month and will surely ask Walt his feelings on the rotation, and how Chapman is looking right now.

Check back later this month for video of my questions for Jocketty.

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  1. BTW, that's a 2011 Topps reprint of Cueto Rookie Card. If anyone has that card they are willing to part with or trade, let me know, I really really want it.