Sunday, December 18, 2011

Diamond Giveaway Hits

I am one of those baseball card collectors who never get the big hits. Even when I punched in my card codes for Topps Diamond Giveaway, I ended up with some late 80's relief pitchers. Until a few weeks ago, I hit a diamond cut! a Nolan Ryan diamond cut to be exact.
2011 Topps Nolan Ryan Diamond Cut DDC-20

After I unlocked this diamond cut, the flood doors opened, and all sorts of cool cards followed...
This 1959 Topps Mudcat Grant is a cool card, however Topps never sends me a decent condition card. This one was definitely stuck in some bike spokes, but very worthy of the spoke bait blog. Mudcat got his nickname because his teammates thought he was from Mississippi...He was actually from Florida.
Again, Topps sent me a card in mint condition...or not. A 1957 Topps Herb Plews. The first thing I noticed...This poor guys name was Herb Plews....I know! how could I miss his picture? What a mug on this guy, but as a card guy, I'm used to shuffling through cards looking at names.

Check back later, I have scored a few mid 60's Cincinnati Reds and a 1967 Al Jackson from Topps and ordered them a few days ago. I'll post them as soon as I get them.

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