Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ugly Mug, ERA leader, Crack Addict

Tuesday afternoon around 2:00, I was busy stretching out, workin' my triceps, and ramping up for my afternoon ping pong time. As I have mentioned before, a coworker (who also collects cards) and I tend to bet baseball cards on a Best-of-5-Match in table tennis. A lot of cool cards have swapped hands throughout the year: A&G Step Right Up, Topps Freedie Freeman Auto, Votto RC, but remember! DONT BET ON BASEBALL!

I was feeling fierce and wanted to live life on the wild side. A deal was made, an agreement had been reached! On this fine day, two gentleman will engage in combat on the battle fields of the break room, and to the victory, his opponents most ugly card. This was an old fashion Mug Match. The battle raged, and after a two-two split, a rubber matched ensued. Ultimatley, I was defeated. Last night I went through a box of 80's random base cards, picked my mug cards, and allowed my wife to pick out the ugliest. Remember, she is an excellent judge of man attributes such as handsomness and pure, raw, sex appeal. This may get disturbing, if there are small children in the room, I ask you to remove them. If you have a heart condition, do NOT look at the below picture...

1987 Topps Sammy Stewart

Lucky for Sammy Stewart, his pitching career was much more impressive than his looks. By 1986 Sammy Stewart had a career ERA of 3.53 after 9 years of playing for the Orioles and in 87 kickin it off with the Red Sox. He went for 59 wins and 48 losses. With 45 saves at the end of his career in 1987. Sammy Stewart appeared in two World Series. In 1981, Sammy led the AL in ERA.

Sammy began his 8 year prison sentence for felonious drug charges and admittd he was a 'crack addict'.

Sammy, if you read this article, don't come kill me for crack money...I am married and have a child... so, I don't have any money...

Sammy, you are guilty of a fine pitching career, an ugly mug, and loving crack.

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