Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Double-Barrel Rack Pack

Snagged a double barrel rack pack of some 2011 Topps. Nearly 10 months after the release i know, but i was in need of a fix. Ever notice how certain stores you seem to pull better cards or get greater hits? Rite-Aid down the street rarely gives me hits (one time pulled a 2011 heritage carl crawford jersey relic), but seems to always spit out some nice SPs, variations, and parallels...
2011 Topps 60YOT-64 "1956 Mickey Mantle #135"

Another Mantle I know...every since Topps bought out Bowman packs have been plagued with these things, in addition, I dont really think Mickey Mantle was that much of a great, but thats a different story.

2011 Topps DS-17 Matt Holliday
These cards are pretty sweet looking, a little better than your average SP sparkle from 2011. I like the cognac update series cards too. The problem with these is they do not feature career stats on the back, which im a fan of.

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