Sunday, December 18, 2011

Patch Cards...The Quest for Bench and the Boys

2011 Topps Update Series Blaster Boxes are they only way to get a throwback patch card. Well, you can always try Ebay, but they can sell for up to 6.00-10.00 dollars. I figured buying blasters was the best way to snag some hits, base sets, and your patch card. I really like these patch cards, and would love to get the complete set (in my dreams). As of now I am trying to pull the Johnny Bench Patch Card along with the other Cincinnati Reds throwbacks including Joe Morgan, Barry Larkin, Joey Votto, and Frank Robinson. I have scanned the patch cards I currently have, and I sold about 4 of them before I decided I wanted to collect them. I have pulled most of these, bought one off a friend and maybe won one off the same friend in a ping-pong match...yea...we do that. He's snagged a sweet Votto RC off my one time in the epic "Auto for Votto" match in which he put up a 2011 Topps T60 Freddie Freeman Auto...which i later won in another match.

 Luis Aparcio....of the Chicago White Sox

 Gaylord Perry of the Cleveland Indians

 Adam Wainwright of the WS Champions St. Louis Cardinals

Last and OH NOT LEAST, Johnny Mize of the fore mentioned St. Louis Cardinals.

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