Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ryan Braun on Performance Enhancing Drugs?

2011 Topps Ryan Braun T60-38
2011 National league MVP Ryan Braun is set to appeal findings accusing him of using performance-enhancing drugs. Drug tests in MLB work as follows: A player provides two urine samples, sample A and sample B. Sample A is tested for high levels of testosterone, if levels are high sample B is then tested for synthetic steroids and other performance-enhancers. Since Ryan Braun is appealing, he has already been found guilty, the argument now is what is he guilty of actually doing.

A player has to knowingly ingest the drugs for disciplinary action to happen. As of now, Braun is looking at a 50 game suspension and a empty shell of an MVP title. However, if Ryan Braun and his lawyers can prove he unknowingly ingested the drugs, he may get let off lightly. The talk of Milwaukee is that Ryan Braun has got the love bumps in his jock strap, yes sir herpes. Herpes medication is said to increase testosterone? Ryan Braun has most likely seen a doctor outside of the club to get his cream prescription filled. I’m not sure if I would rather be suspended for 50 games, or publicly admit I have herpes. Luckily I am in a position to not have either of these issues, weewww!

Ryan Braun won’t be able to plead his case until January 2012, he could possibly be the first Major League player to successfully appeal a failed drug test.

When Braun does present his case, he will go before a three-person panel. A vote will be taken. One of the panel judges is a representative from the commissioner’s office, MLB arbitrator Shyam Das, and a representative from the MLB players association. If a tie exists, Shyam Das will make the decisive vote.

I like Ryan Braun and I think he has a good case here. He is a first-time offender, what reason would he have to now start to use drugs after 6 years of great  playing, also, his lawyer points out that after his positive test results returned, Braun requested to be retested, weeks later his testosterone levels were normal. However, “why would I use them now” isn’t a fact to get you off the hook.  After sample A and B were “hot”, they notified Braun and he requested a retest with fresh urine samples. The new tests were normal. This is Ryan Braun’s out! Braun’s  argument is how can testosterone levels drop in a couple weeks? So it must be a faulty first test. Also, if the herpes story is true, he must have been using his herpes medication during the “hot” test, and his herpes weren’t flaring up the second time, so his urine tests were normal (he wasn’t generously applying crème!) I think Braun will appeal this one.

ESPN say that a performance enhancing drug  triggered the red flag, an anonymous source says that it was not a performance-enhancing drug that led to the red flag? If the anonymous person (maybe Braun’s non-clubhouse doctor) is right, he probably has herpes.

Stay tuned for more Jerry Springer!

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