Wednesday, January 18, 2012

13-13, 20-20, and 30-30 Club

We all know how prestigious the 30-30 club is. Today I was crunching some stats and looking at guys who are 30-30 players, who could be, and all-around five tool ball players. I was checking out guys who are hitting/stealing their way into the ump'teens. Come on, that is still a very impressive stat. It was set in stone to document all players who have hit the 13-13 club and above. Check out some of the teams, players, and totals. At the end of it all, both the AL and NL had 13 players at and above the 13-13 level. After I had broken down the players further we noticed that again, both the AL and NL had 7 players at that level, 4 players in the 20-20 club, and 2 players in the 30-30 club...very interesting.

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