Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mike Schmidt Parkway in Dayton, Ohio

On this particularly dreary morning, I had been out-and-about the city doing some document validation for work. While heading back to the office, and taking the roads less traveled, I had noticed something near the city in which I dwell.

A Mike Schmidt Parkway sign? My associate, riding shotty, snapped the picture with his iphone. I was a little suprised; had I not known a HOFer was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio? I was born in Cincinnati and was very aware of my cities rich baseball heritage. However, a recent Daytonian, I had no idea that Mike Schmidt was from this area.

After a lunch break at Hooters I had to get back to the office and see what this Schmidt sign was all about. A quick google search revieled that indeed, Mike Schmidt was born here, and attended Fairview High School on the west side of town. He also attended Ohio University in Athens, the same college my sister attended.

A twelve time All-Star, ten golden gloves, six time silver slugger, three time MVP, and first ballot HOFer lived just a handful of miles from my house! Awesome!

I was born a few miles from Pete Rose hometown, I live a few miles from Mike Schmidt's hometown! I wonder if my companies softball team is gonna do well this year?

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