Saturday, January 14, 2012

Yoga, Hockey, and Red Bull

It was a rough Saturday. I busted out a 60 minute morning Yoga session, don't judge me yet, I have never done it and I found a DVD in the entertainment center, the kid was alseep and the wife was gone. Most importantly because I was bored out of my skull. I did master such stances as the mountain, the proud warrior, downward-facing dog, the upward-facing dog, the tree stance, and some others...its so easy. But I just had to loosen up for the Detroit/Chicago game. Of course I have a Western conference team winning the cup this year, probably the Blackhawks, but man did Detroit do some work today, good game.

After the game I had to make a run to the store for some stuff...ending up picking up a 99 cent pack of 2010-11 Victory. There not baseball, so they were fair game...Oh yeah and I needed to pick up more Red Bulls...they give you wings....RED WINGS! lol...Dork

 The Justin Mercier rookie card is pretty sweet. I really like victory RC cards, I think because the design is different compared to baseball or football when you just get the standard RC symbol in the corner.

The only other notable card is this old filthy Canuck Roberto Luongo.

I didn't get any Blackhawks, Leafs, or Red Wings...I am pretty upset. I kinda want a Corey Crawford card, anyone got one?

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