Friday, January 13, 2012

THAT WAS IT! The not so epic conclusion...

Welp, that was it. The last cards I will purchase for the next two weeks. Man! that sounds pathetic when you actually sit down and write it...(another beer to drown the sorrows...) So, the box gave me enough 'umph' to make me happy for a bit. I really wanted to pull an Auto but got a all star stiches card, a few Reds I needed, tons of gold borders, two blue hope diamonds, umm enough diamond giveaways to get me within 8 of getting my 45...which pisses me off beyond all reason! I mean, I was trying to not buy anymore cards, now should I try and get 8 more codes? seems worth it right? I dunno, thats for another day. I got a few sweet cards...sit back, scroll down, and see what I got...And I wouldnt be apposed to a little diamond giveaway code help, if the code hits a sweet card I'll send it to you, I just want the T60 set, or maybe just closure, I am weak, scared, and alone.

Oh and by the way I had to work from home today! My daughter, wife, and I were sick for the last few days, but my daughter managed to give me her viral/bacterial eye infection. So instead of spreading it around to the fellas at the office, I stayed home to spread it all over some cardboard, and my keyboard, and the TV remote...and a few cans of Yuenglings.

And yes, I made another kick-ass supper, I made chicken tenderloin, rice, and vegatable medley with Asian Zing sauce...BOOM it was delicious.

So check out these bad boys, most of which are already on Ebay or trying to trade out. I really really really need some codes..or do I? that goes against the hobby box cure right?

Below are my two blue hope diamonds, Scott Sizemore US111 and Rich Thompson US286 SN/60. I don't care much for them, I mean it's blue...and only 60 have been made, oooooooooooo...ON EBAY later gators!

Then I hit three Reds Cognacs I didn't have, Juan Francisco, Travis 'I'm a Cub' Wood, and Homer Bailey. Sweet, I actually think I might need that Homer Bailey base card? Not going to check anytime soon.

BOOM! Didn't get my auto as I had fore mentioned...Here is my Cole Hamels All Star Stitches card...It sucks and I am kinda mad. I like Hamels, but I don't care much for All Star cards.

Here is my favorite card I pulled. This Babe Ruth  US154. I love this card, and I'll tell you why. I don't care much for Ruth because he didn't pitch and do the Home Run thing. I think Babe undersold himself being caught up in a time where home runs were king, I don't blame him, he is a product of his era. Imagine how great Babe would have been if he had been the greatest hitter and pitcher of all time? So this card is all about Babe's pitcing stats and I love that about it! I love him as a pitcher more than anything, this guy had stuff. This card is awesome!

Two more cognacs that I thought were cool. Carlton Fisk is the second greatest catcher to play the game. The Redsox and the Reds played some of the greatest series games ever, I mean Brooks Robinson and what not? Awesome stuff. Paul O'neill, oh yeah, not only a stellar Reds, he was a even better Yankee. Gotta love this card, too bad they didn't make on in a Cincy uniform.

 Here are my vast amount of gold borders that I am selling individually, I pulled tons of these things and like blue diamonds, I dont get worked up abou them. It would be a hard life getting mixed up in collecting these. I also packaged up some double Reds cards that I'm getting rid of. I am cleaning house and trimming the fat in time for 2012 Series 1.  If anyone needs any gold borders let me know and Ill pull them from ebay, blue hopes too, I dont sell them just to make money, only becuase its fun to sell crap on ebay. Usually I give all my doubles to my daughter. Though they are doomed and get folded in half I don't feel good about giving her gold borders.

I got to go medicate my eye...later!


  1. Any way that fisk would be for trade i have a frank robinson sp

  2. I pulled a Robinson Cognac SP out of a rack pack last week! sorry. Do you know what game that is on the Fisk card? I think its the 75 world series 12inning walk off home run, I love that card! wish i had it in non-cognac form, I mean that's Bench behind him, two of the games finest catchers on one card. soooooo saawweeet!