Thursday, January 12, 2012

THIS IS IT! Shut up Michael, this isn't about you!

Too soon? Sorry Michael...Ok, so remember 4th grade english and the difference between an internal and external conflict? Well there is a new conflict, it's called a cardboard conflict. A cardboard conflict is better understood as Person Vs. Cardboard plots. An cardboard conflict entailes an internal conflict and external, at the same time. Inside of my soul I want to give up on buying cards until 2012 Topps Series One. Everyday I run into situations where I purchase a rack pack or two...UGHHH! that was my external conflict!

I sat down this evening to a grilled salmon, mashed potatoes, and brocolli. Yea, fancy dinner I know, my wife is in the police academy and I have been tasked with the mission of feeding myself and my daughter...It's my cross to bear....I have a game plan, spend too much on fancy dinners and my wife will eventually leave food for us when I get home from work. I digress, I have decided I will purchase myself one hobby box, and never buy a single card untill series one.

I strapped the little one into the reliable Ford truck and we rolled a few miles towards my local card shop. My kid dipped around the store as we browsed around, watching some box breaks, and talking about the Reds lineup and if Phillips is going to lead off, why can't Stubbs hit....again, I digress, we talked about the Reds caravan coming to Wright Patterson Air Force Base and how I am going to get Tom Browning and Devin Mesoracos signature...ARRGGGH, again the digress card shop does a 'deal of the day' as I was looking at the update hobby box for 59.99 he picked up three boxes, placed them on the table with a sign that said 'deal of the day 45.00'...Ok I was sold before, thanks! after I put the kid to bed...the breakeath shall beginath tonightith...yea....suck it Trebek.

By the way, I have'nt won a ping pong tournament in three days...WTF? Im due for some luck.