Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bruce T60A-JBR

It is not secret that I am a Cincinnati Reds fan. I also collect Jay Bruce cards as if they will be future currency. It is easy since we just entered the 7th year of card greatness. However, I have been keeping an eye out for a certain 2011 Topps Update Series T60A for some time now. My local card shop has my number on speed dial if one shows up. You can't even google it! I mean, you can google my great aunt and she would pop up. Welp, hang my head in shame, I had to...I esniped one, I couldn't risk being in a meeting, lunch, sleep, going #2, it had to be done....Behold! A not so rare card that I hold in high regards!

For HR's by a Reds player first 3 years of MLB Career:
1. Frank Robinson 98 HR
2. Adam Dunn 72 HR
3. Jay Bruce 68 HR
4. Joey Votto 53 HR
5. Jim Greengrass 52 HR
6. Kal Daniels 50 HR
7. Eric Davis 45 HR
8t. Chris 'spuds' Sabo 42 HR
9t. Johnny Bench 42 HR

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