Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Diamond Giveaway Crashed? Confusion? Zombies?

Not only is currently having some IT issues, they have extended their already extended expiration dates. Unless I have mistaken, series one and updates were expiring at the end of the month, and series two was expiring in June. So what is actually extended here? This is what is shown on their page...

Where the heck did they come up with January 1st???? Has Topps lost their mind? Am I missing something? Or did some scrotum-neck (yea, I said it; Tracey Jones said it today on the radio...sweet), so did some scrotum-neck at Topps botch this when they hurried some text when the site crashed?

I am pretty sure zombies are to blame...When I was in the Army we had standard operating procedures set in place to defend america against zombie attacks...Had Topps not done the same? Could you imagine what would happen if Topps was taken over by zombies? we would have 2013 Allen and Ginter DNA relics...of your neighbors flesh! or a chunk of eye! I am freakin' out!

You all know I still need something around five more codes to get my 45. I picked up some rack packs at Rite-Aid today, scored one code. Can any of you blog-heads help! I can do trades or you could just do me a solid!!!!

UPDATE 7:15pm

OMG!!! IT'S HAPPENING!!!!!!!!! I checked the blog to see if anything crazy is going on! and look at my attendence record!

Everyone, shut down your blogs, stay off the grid...put your cards in a time capsule and hide it! They Mayans' are right!

UPDATE 1/26/2012 5:30PM:

False alarm everyone, the site is back up. No zombies...

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