Sunday, January 1, 2012

Just one more pack...

I found myself at my local Rite-Aid drug store scavenging for a last minute bottle of non-alcoholic champaign for my wife's child-bearing friend. After finding a bottle, I scurried to the check-out line, snagged up a 50% off Reese's Peanut Butter Cup shaped like a Christmas tree (wife digs 'em A LOT{go me!}). Standing in line, I did my best to ignore the temptation of the rack pack. This particular store has a history of amazing rack packs. I have landed Heritage relics (Carl Crawford) and autos at this joint. I had to! like a crack addict, I snagged a pack.  The last rack pack of 2011, and the last cards I will open until 2012 Series One...

Chris Perez, I actually think I needed this card. Perez is not a bad closer either.

Michael Pineda, this guy is got some nasty stuff, 11 W and 4 L in 2010 (minors).

Eric Sogard, I like this guy as much as Freddie Freeman, and I don't joke about my Braves. Sogard brought a .295 average to the A's. I also love the A' they are related to the 72 and 90 world series...better the 1990 series..that worked out in the end.

Chris Volstad sucks, I dont like the Florida...I mean Miami Marlins.

Ozzie Martinez, another solid rookie infielder. Whats with all the rookies?

Papelbon is awesome, and I actually needed this T60 too.

Adrian Beltre, maybe the best season of his career. I like him in a blue uniform, but he has done well with the sox.

Leake, it is always good to get your team in a rack pack, and a starting pitcher too!

I needed this duos card too...and a sweet one btw.

JIMMY! whats up Jimmy? This cat has more italics and diamonds on the back of his card...

I hate topps town...what the hell do they do? dumb...but it's a Bruuuuuuce...and I already have it.

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  1. whats funny about this bruce? I bet he is about to wiff at a knuckleball with his foot up in the air like that...ugh Bruuuuuuuuce, lay off the knuckleballs