Saturday, February 18, 2012

1964 Topps Pete Rose

I just snagged a nasty 1964 Topps Pete Rose card today! I couldnt find a reason not to. First and foremost I bought the card off a Steelers fan, so in reality I didnt buy this card, I liberated Pete. Second, it was for dirt cheap due to its condition, but I don't mind, I love old beat up cards, because they were adored by a kid and played with, not stored in a toploader for old men to gaze at. Last of all, I could never afford a '63 Topps Pete Rose Rookie Card. This card is awesome, maybe my new favorite card!

I also recieved two '73 Topps Joe Morgan cards, one is preety decent condition, the other was horribly miscut at the factory.

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