Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A title would be futile...

All across the league, yes even American League, tickets have been flooding the box offices. Opening Day tickets have been on the market for a while as well as season tickets. With the exception of the lucky few who have one or even both of the fore mentioned, we all have been eagerly awaiting the chance to snatch up a few preemptive game day tickets off TicketMaster or Stub Hub. The time has come, baseball is here.

Long have we waited out these sunless skies and dreary days. Reminiscing a time when our red Colemans sat on the back deck all summer long never deprived of its contents.  The grill has never cooled down after it’s almost daily usage or perhaps maybe it’s just from the summer sun. Last year’s tennis shoes have been lost to grass stains from weekly mowings. Our portable radios haven’t been a single frequency away from our local team’s infamous broadcaster as we analyze pregame and post game coverage.  When supper is served on front porches and back decks, TV's collect dust, and kids are reintroduced to the unforgiving mulch at the local playground. It is a time when the crack of a bat and the pop of the glove are no longer as foreign to us as driving with windows down. With spring training comes spring, with spring comes the greatest game ever to be seen, played, and talked about. With this come family, friends, and what seems a time that should have no end. Get ready…The first pitch is closer than you might think.


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