Friday, February 24, 2012


The above document surfaced sometime this morning, ESPN sources say at 6:00 am standard eastern, an "unkown" individual emailed officials this screenshot of Ryan Braun's Fedex account. ESPN is suggesting it is a joke or fraud. However, sources say at Fedex that IT dept employees can access and view all account screens. Why would someone with so much public eye on them and under investigation for steroid use choose the username Juicer8?

I can not give Ryan Braun the benifit of the doubt. One, I can't trust anything Bud Selig has ever touched. To believe corruption doesn't exist in baseball is foolish, and finally, the story is a bunch of bologna. Most drug tests are very secure, some even require you to remain in possesion of the sample in plain view, screw on the lid yourself, watch the tester place a tape or seal across the lid, and require your signature. One could only assume that MLB takes equal if not greater measures to protect the validity of a sample.

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  1. well at least one thing is off. According to AreaCode.ORG 645 is not a valid Area Code in the US.