Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spoke Bait sales, makin' room for 2012 Heritage

2012 Topps Series One is out of the way. So much anticipation and a few weeks later the internet is saturated with them. We are clearing the desk of all leftover 2011 Topps goodies, making room for a few 2012 Opening Day cards and 2012 Topps Heritage. Check out our Ebay store for some bitchin' goodies all starting for .25 cents. See something you need and no bids yet? Let me know ASAP and Ill pull it and send it to ya. This batch of cards are not profit cards that fund future purchases, rather its a get the hell of my desk so I have a place to put my coffee mug...BTW our coffee pot broke today, of course you figure it out when you are fiending for a cup. I ended up boiling water and pouring it into the filter into the pot. Then keeping it warm on the stove...ugh

Anyway, check out our cards for sale, nothing exciting really, but some goodies.


  1. I'm a little behind on reading blogs, as you can tell. Otherwise, I would have posted this.

    Hey, I'd like to have that Buehrle A&G.

    Thanks for looking out for me. I got the card today along with the other bonus cards.

    Thanks again.

  2. YO JEFF! No problem, thanks for taking them off my hands...I honestly have thousands of cards on every counter in my office, bed room, night stand, and wherever I lay them down when I'm done lookin' at em. I never sort them, I have a friend that builds my sets for me because I dont have the attention span..he keeps all the dup base cards in turn. So when I go to send you a Buehrle relic I get caught in a wirlwind of other get every sox card in a five foot radius of the relic, or until i get bored, or distracted by a dust bunny, flickering light, or loud noise. Enjoy....and sorry for the Adam Dunn cards.