Monday, March 5, 2012

Around the NL East -Spring Training-

There is a lot of news around Major League Baseball and the 2012 Spring Training; almost too much to keep track of. Sure, we all know the ins-and-outs of our favorite teams, but thats 1/30 of whats happening in the sport.

Spoke Bait is taking you around the horn for each division, giving you the latest updates of spring training, prospects, injuries, and the inside scoop on teams across the league. Just some quick bullets for each team gives you a chance to get some knowledge without spending hours reading endless articles on team specific sites.

Be sure to click the links to move from division to division: NL CENTRAL, NE WEST

BRAVES: March 5th 2012
Offense is hot while guys like Mccann, Uggla, Bathencourt, Bourn, and Heyward are showing up and crushing the ball. Thats all great and all, but Braves hot starters are not bringing their stuff, Teheran gave up six homers the other day, yep Prince Fielders first in Detroit...Pastornicky went 0-4 during the same game on Sunday. Hold on Atlanta, it's getting bumpy.

MARLINS: March 5th 2012
Not hurting that's for sure. Dobbs cracked three RBIs he later said "you play to win...Bottom line" Marlins put down the Red Birds 4-3. Gaby Sanchez homer too, probably sending Cards pitcher Dickson back down to Trip-A ball.

METS: March 5th 2012
As of now the Mets have not played yet. The off season has been messy and things are not looking good. Late shows for spring training, legal trouble, injuries, and illness (David Wright). If baseball has taught us anything, anything can happen, and champions are forged in the fires of adversity and challenges.

PHILLIES: March 5th 2012
Change is bad, and good thing the Phillies don't change much, same old story here. Phillies Joe Blanton was bouncing back from an elbow injury..and did. Rollins stole second, then third and was brought in by Polanco. Of course Halladay and Pence are remaining top notch. Keep an eye on Galvis, thought to be stuck in Trip-A for a few could be a utility infielder in 2012.

NATIONALS: March 5th 2012
Well, Astros beat the hell out of Strasburg, and somehow he is saying he is pleased with his debut. However, he progressed well and starting pounding the zone later in the game, after reaching his pitch limit. It would appear that he has recovered well from surgery. Edwin Jackson came out strong with two scoreless innings, which doesnt happen much in spring training. Nothing new from the offensive side. A lot of guys are recovering from injuries and are still working on fielding issues.

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