Monday, March 5, 2012

Around the NL West -Spring Training-

There is a lot of news around Major League Baseball and the 2012 Spring Training; almost too much to keep track of. Sure, we all know the ins-and-outs of our favorite teams, but thats 1/30 of whats happening in the sport.

Spoke Bait is taking you around the horn for each division, giving you the latest updates of spring training, prospects, injuries, and the inside scoop on teams across the league. Just some quick bullets for each team gives you a chance to get some knowledge without spending hours reading endless articles on team specific sites.

Be sure to click the links to move from division to division: NL EAST, NL CENTRAL

DIAMONDBACKS: March 5th 2012
Daniel Hudson has been throwing some stuff. Goldschmidt has been showing plate discipline in a DH role. There isnt any headline news pouring out of Washington, but keep an eye on the Nats, they were not the 2011 NL West champs by accident. There are a lot of puzzle pieces to this team, keep watching them, I suggest checking in on them daily and grazing some stats and articles.

ROCKIES: March 5th 2012
Jhoulys Chacin had a solid debut, any runs givin up were mostly unearned due to fielding errors. Keep an eye on pitcher Juan Nicasio, he's got some stuff and he is bouncing back from a injury after a temple pegging line drive shot, Ouch! Now, he is a possible opening day starter. The Angels are going to regret trading Chatwood. Defense?  Wil Nieves was showing off his arm by throwing two runners out. The veterans are not spending much time taking pitches quite yet, give them time, right now is for pitching and prospects. I can see the Rockies to take a shot at the division title.

DODGERS: March 5th 2012
Dodgers! yea! Los Angeles scored five in the sixth, ripping six hits and hitting for the cycle in the frame against the White Sox. A lot to like here, Van Slyke's hustle in the field and his skills behind the plate, Gwynn Jr, Sellers double, and DeJesus trip. Wow, I try to follow everygame across baseball, and this was the most exciting inning. Chad Billingsley was fantastic and his stuff looked great.

PADRES: March 5th 2012
Pitcher Geer makes is back and brings a winning desire after beating cancer, it would be great to see him back on the mound again. That is about all the positives that have come from the Padres pitching. Carlos Quentin showed off his plate power, Quentin had two hits, one of which was a double and reached base three times.

GIANTS: March 5th 2012
Brian Wilson has been throwing to some teammates while working out some elbow issues, Bumgarner clutch as ever throwing his stuff during his debut, best part, Bumgarner stuck out Ryan Braun! Hell yea! Brett Pill, Mike Fontenot and Hector Sanchez have all been forces to be reckoned with, and it continues to look that way. Best part? Pill plays to win, not for personal merit. I like that in a guy.

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