Monday, March 26, 2012

Heartbreaking Cards from Heartbreaking Cards

I received a gaggle of really nice cards from Matt over there at Heartbreaking Cards of Staggering Genius. I had sent him a pile of A&G minis. I was tipped off to this trade after watching him open a pack of 2009 Allen and Ginters only to pop out a Bruce relic. I was instantly pissed off and sent him an email threatening to fight him. I had suggested that we dip our hands in glue, then in assorted nails, glass, and shards of metal; he replied with a gentleman's challenge, and suggested a fair trade. I get worked up about 2009 A&G's because I was in Iraq that year and I own ZERO, ZILCH, NONE, NOTHING, "AIN'T GOT NONE" 2009 Ginters. I mean, sure I can go out and start collecting them, but when you miss the first wave it's hard to get going ya dig? Well, he sent me the Bruce relic, which is my favorite player in the whole wide world and then some, as my wife would say it is borderline creepy. Here is the fore mentioned gaggle of cards he sent up to ol' Dayton, Ohio.

I love the 2011 Chrome Mike Leake, one of my favorite young Cincy hurlers. I also like it because I don't buy Chrome, ever...Why, because buying every single Reds card in Series One, Two, Opening Day, Heritage, and A&G is expensive and a chore in itself, even more so as relics and autos become common place. Thanks for this card, I really like it. The same goes for the Heritage black border and Topps Series black borders. I usually don't go out looking for parallels or variations. My tastes are simple, but yet expensive.

I wish I could get into a little chit-chat about these guys and how they are doing in Spring Training; but I am currently struggling with the Reds latest news regarding Ryan Madson. No, I am not mad about loosing him. I am mad because Cincinnati fans are loosing their frickin' minds over this. It is not a big deal, closers are overpaid and overrated. How did we ever play the game without them...Oh wait, we did have them, but they were just called pitchers....ugh I am so mad. We have plenty of guys to put in the spot, but if they move Chapman to a reliever or closer position I will shut this blog down and collect stamps, I am not joking. I's about to get ugly...If Chapman doesn't get a rotation slot...I am vowing to black out my blog for 30 days. VOWED!
....By the way, thanks for the cards...they are quite lovely.


  1. Every time I see those black bordered Heritage cards, I keep feeling like they were an accident. They just look... I dunno... like a mistake that they just went with.

  2. @topher-Heard that, it is the first one I have owned. I think they look better than the base card.