Wednesday, March 14, 2012

RESULTS: Ebay steals of all Ebay steals

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds. The unofficial USPS motto has held it's truth this fine spring morning as a box sat waiting on an old front stoop. The Georgia native box sat patiently on a Ohio porch step. Surrounded by warm breezes and the smell of week old Lilies surrounding the almost century old home. The contents of the box were known to one who could anxiously watch the, what appeared to be frozen computer clock. After a sun soaked cruise up I-75 in a Jeep, top off, doors missing in action, and the skinny pedal mashed to the old rusty steel floorboards. The sound of knobby mud tires crackled on the pavement as a course was set for home. A quick stop at the city's local card shop produced a five minute bull-shitting session with the local cardboard masters and a few packs of Heritage...A hasty stop only long enough to temporarily forget what you were speeding home to do. Skidding into the garage and rushing through the back door, through the kitchen, around the dining room table the wife recently adorned with the springs latest offerings, around the couch and bursting out the front door. At last! A box after a 1500 mile journey and a man's tested patience...finally meet. Though the desire to rip the carefully packed box to shreds aches inside, it is surgically opened, not to damage it's contents. Inside you finally find them...what you have been waiting for...Something the average man doesn't get his dirty, hard-working hands on, not for this price...Three amazing cards, for a price of $20.50

1964 Topps Willie Mays #150

1967 Topps Pete Rose #430

1974 Topps Henry Aaron #1 NEW ALL-TIME HOME RUN KING

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  1. I threw the Willie Mays back on Ebay for 37.00 + shipping. The condition is VG-EX; my PO