Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spoke Bait Video Blog - Pilot Episode

Spoke Bait and the Game Pilot Episode: We will see how this goes...How much input and comments we get from our on-site videos and how our viewers respond.

Includes shout outs to some of our favorite blogs and other non-sense.


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  1. Thanks for shout out!

    So is that business couch where you slept after your wife walked into the door? Just curious.

    My first negative on ebay I was pissed (that was a long time ago). I sold a VHS tape and he left me a negative saying there was some sticky residue where a sticker got peeled off. And I said in the listing that there was stickers so he probably peeled one off and got pissed. I quit selling for a few months, I was so pissed. It doesn't help that Ebay protects the buyers and doesn't care about the sellers.