Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Free Card Contest: Reds/Giants Part II TONIGHT!


Okay, this is the third Free Card Contest we have done here. This is our first back-to-back contests. Last nights got a little hairy when the Reds were up 9-0 and a 1964 Topps Willie Mays was almost up for grabs. A lot of nice cards slipped through the cracks while a 2011 Topps Buster Posey Cognac Diamond Anniversary was claimed late in the game off of a Buster 2 run blast. There is a little rain working it's way into Cincy right now but hopefully we will get another game in tonight. I have tickets to this game but passed them on to some good friends who needed them more than I did; that's my rationalization, in reality my wife is in class and I didn't want to take my daughter to a cold, rainy, riverfront stadium known as GABP...I have done it before...wife chewed my ass.

So anyway, most of you know the rules, if not check out prior contests to see how they work:

This one was the first contest, this link contains all the rules...

MLB.TV FREE GAME: Free Cards Contest

This one was last nights game and contest, some refreshers on how it's played...

Reds vs Giants: Free Card Contest

I need to come up with a simple name for the game, any ideas? How about CardBall? Works for me, and I honestly just thought it up. From here on out, its Cardball!

I will have the plays up shortly after the lineups have been posted, stay tuned...

Reds vs Giants Game II @7:10 EST  Remember you can track the game on TV, MLB.COM, gameday, the radio (700wlw), or what I use 

See you tonight for another 9 innings of good ol' CardBall

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