Wednesday, April 25, 2012

CARDBALL: Reds vs. Giants (Contest tonight!)

The Reds host the Giants for game two of the series. The Reds claimed a victory last night and look to keep the streak going.

Tune in tonight for another night of CardBall (aka free card contest). For rules see earlier contests:

Reds vs. Giants: Free Card Contest

Quick refresher, only two wins per commentor, the comment must be posted within the inning the play occured, the comment must list the play and inning. IE.) Phillips homers, bottom of second

Here are tonights plays and prizes. They have been broken up by team for your viewing pleasure.

Good Luck!

Reds Plays:

Bronson Arroyo throws a perfect game: Juan Marichal Real One Autograph (Blue Sharpie)

Reds get 7th hit= 1985 Topps Pete Rose

First pitching change = 2011 Topps Kimball Champ mini KC28 Mike Stanton (pitcher change, name change, get it?)

Ryan Hannigan single= 2012 topps heritage Devin Mesoraco RC

Votto walks = 2011 Topps Joey Votto US195

Jay Bruce doubles= 2012 heritage Jay Bruce

Jay Bruce RBI  (does not inlcude homers) = Topps Heritage Power Plus Bruce/Upton

Scott Rolen RBI (home run does not count) = 2011 Topps Allen and Ginter Brandon Belt Rookie card

Jay Bruce Homers= 2009 Jay Bruce Signature Stars

Joey Votto Homers= 10 random 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen

Jay Bruce 2nd Homer= 20 random 2012 Topps Gypsy Queen

Joey Votto 2nd Homer = 2012 Topps Golden Moments Joey Votto Relic

Scott Rolen Homers= 2012 Topps Heritage Scott Rolen autographed by Leo Cardenas

Chapman strikesout 3= 2012 topps heritage chapman

Chapman strikesout 6= 2012 topps series one gold futures Chapman

Reds walk off win= 2012 topps OD superstar celbrations Joey Votto

Joey Votto Single = 2012 topps Heritage Joey Votto

Reds win 11-0 (Mays got 11 trips his Rookie Year/must comment within minutes of game completion) = 1964 Topps Willie Mays

Reds win in extra innings (comments 2 minutes within game completion)= 2011 Topps Opening Day Stadium Lights Complete Set

Giants Plays:

Zito throws 1st strikeout = 1989 Topps Kelly Downs

Zito throws 4th strikeout= 1990 Fleer Kevin Mitchell, 1989 Donruss Matt Williams

Zito throws 8th strikeouts= 2011 heritage NL strikeout leaders

Cabrera singles = 2011 Topps Update Series Cabrera US88

Panda Bear singles = 2011 Topps Update Series Sandoval US84

Zito is relieved in or before the 6th inning = 2009 Upper Deck Tim Lincecum #851

Brandon Belt single = 2011 Topps Update Series US83

Brandon Crawford walk= 2011 Topps Update Series Crawford US136

Buster Poser walks= 2011 A&G Hometown Hero Buster Posey

Buster Posey double = 2011 topps diamond duos Mauer/posey

Giants get 2nd hit = 2012 Topps timeless talents willie mays/matt kemp

Giants get 3rd hit= 3 random Giants cards

Giants get 5th hit = 5 random Giants cards

Giants get 7th hit = 7 random Giants cards

Sanchez RBI (does not inlcude homers) = 2012 Heritage Rookie Stars 169 (play is still up for grabs, Stubbs was charged with an error, no RBI awarded thus far)

Sanchez homers = 2012 Topps heritage rookie stars #208


  1. Remember you can watch live at

  2. Giants get 2nd hit, 2nd inning (like this?)

  3. you got it! now do you go for the next easy win or hold off for something bigger? your call, two win max per commentor

    1. Unfortunately. I have to go out for the rest of the night....thanks for the contest!

  4. A lot of good cards just slipped by...Scott Rolen Heritage Leo Cardenas autograph!

  5. Dan, be sure to email me your mailing address at

    Dawgbones, I already have your info, your Duo card will be shipped tomorrow, a day after your Posey cognac

  6. Contest is closed, thanks for playing...This one belongs to the Reds